Belly Button Healer Stage 1

Belly Button Healer Stage 1

The Belly Button Healer is indicated for the use for maintaining the anatomical structure and facilitating the healing process in post-abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) contoured belly button. The Stage 1 Belly Button Healer should be used for the first 4 weeks. Each package will contain 2 stage 1 Belly Button Healers.  The two stage 1 Belly Button Healers should be alternated every 1 to 2 days for the first 4 weeks.  Stage 2 Belly Button Healers can be used after the first 4 weeks and will be discussed if further detail later.

Detailed instructions on how to clean the Belly Button Healer will be discussed in another blog.


Decrease Scar Formation: 
- Uses medical grade silicone technology to soften and smooth out the belly button scar 

Detect Belly Button Infection:
- First ever designed detection holes. Holes allows for any fluid from the healing belly button to be detected early vs being trapped by gauze.

Perfect Shape: Designed to match a perfectly hooded belly button. As the belly button heals around the silicone technology it will improve the shape of the belly button. Uniquely designed groves to hold any desired medical ointment against the surface of the healing belly button

Wound Breathability: Ventilation holes to allow the wound to breathe

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